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Lita Cerqueira - Gilberto Gil, ca. 1980

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Boutique:  Ricardo Fernandes

Lita Cerqueira – Gilberto Gil, ca. 1980
Photography on Fine Art Paper.

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132 - 140, rue des Rosiers, Marché Dauphine - Stand 95, Saint-Ouen, France - 93400
+33 6 81 35 12 87

Lita Cerqueira’s photographs are a result of sensitivity of a gaze. Wrought in the anguish and acuteness of repressed people, but proud and patient ones, with the magical dimensions of this civilization that is in progress, a fourth dimension in the life of inspired nations such as Brazil.
I am well acquainted with this confluence between desire of a tropical artist and the unpredictability of our willful gods. I am an artist, just as Lita is, also black and also from Bahia, and I know that her photographs are a miracle of a gaunt attentive eye tended by the inattentive eye of gods in a trance.
Gilberto Gil

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