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Marcelo Solá - Untitled 14, 2018

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Boutique:  Ricardo Fernandes

Marcelo Solá – Untitled 14, 2018
Drawing in mixed technique (oil, pencil, dry pastel, synthetic enamel and spray) on Fabriano paper 300g (mould made paper, produced with 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free).

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132 - 140, rue des Rosiers, Marché Dauphine - Stand 95, Saint-Ouen, France - 93400
+33 6 81 35 12 87

“By leading us to the idea of language, Marcelo Solá’s drawings point to an essential debate within contemporary art. Some critics have signaled that the crisis of the visible dates from the appearance of the abstract painting, when the ultimate essence of the image arrives at a flat surface, where nothing but a black square can be inserted¹. The absence of a possible visibility sets off the notion of the “death of painting” within the bounds of the senses, causing it to be born again from its own ashes within the realm of the “idea”: one that is “readable”, rather than “visible””. (Marcelo Solá: The Dust of the Language, Ligia Canongia, June 2000, art critic and journalist).

22 × 29 9/10 in
56 × 76 cm

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