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Léopold Robert 1794-1835. Pair Of Paintings. At Well And The Rest.



Léopold Robert 1794-1835. Pair Of Canvases. At Well And The Rest.

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Léopold Louis Robert is a Swiss painter born in 1794 in La Chaux-de Fonds and died in 1835 in Venice.
He began to study engravers with Loclois Charles Girardet in 1810 in Paris and then at the School of Fine Arts in 1812, he also attended the studio of Jacques-Louis David where he perfected his talents as a painter and engraver.
He won a second prize in Rome for an engraver in 1814.
Back in the principality of Neuchâtel after the fall of the empire, he devoted himself to painting by painting numerous portraits. But in 1818 he left for a long trip to Italy, to Rome where many families of imprisoned brigands would serve as models.
He frequents Juliette Récamier's salon and continues his travels in Naples and throughout Italy.
For the Paris Salon he presents four monumental seasons. In 1827 King Louis-Philippe bought the composition "Naples and Spring". At the Salon of 1831 he was awarded the cross of the Legion of Honor.
His works inspired great French writers, he died in Venice in 1835.
Our two paintings are painted on their original canvas and monogrammed LR.
The frames from the same period are being restored.






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