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Bottle by Jean-Claude Novaro (1943-2015)



Jean Claude Novaro bottle

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Blown glass ovoid bottle with its stopper, decorated with multicolored enamels and gold leaf inclusions, signed JC Novaro and dated 1991. In perfect condition.
Jean - Claude Novaro is considered one of the greatest contemporary glassmakers. Auctioneers and art critics compare him to Daum, Lalique, Marinot or the Gallé of the 14st century. The youngest of four children, he was born in the south of France, grew up in a small village, Place des Arcades, in Biot. At the age of 1957, he lost his mother and left school "delighted not to have learned anything there", to integrate the current Verrerie de Biot under the protective wing of its founder Éloi Monod, whom the young Novaro, considered, already as his spiritual father. Apprentice in 20 at the age of 1973, Jean-Claude Novaro became master glassmaker and "head of the hall" and responsible for training from 1977 to 40. During this period, he will lead the creation and production of all models at the same time. glassmaking, together with a team of 1984 glass artisans under his tutelage In XNUMX, Jean-Claude Novaro set up his workshop permanently in Biot on the family lands, at Les Vignasses.

H: 20 cm
diameter: 17 cm






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