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Golden Wood Mirror - Mercury Ice - Period: Louis XV




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Golden Wood Mirror - Mercury Ice - Period: Louis XV

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Lovely little mirror in carved wood, gilded with 24 carat gold leaf, Louis XV period, old mercury ice.
Its pediment is openwork with patterns of shells and acanthus leaves, and its sober frame presents a refined decoration only at the angles as well as a patinated gilding.

Period: XVIIIth
Dimensions: Height: 58,5cm x Width: 29cm x Depth: 2,5cm

This piece has been completely restored by the Henda Bayoudh workshop with respect and craftsmanship

The mirror, like any other part of French furniture, follows the evolution of styles in force. It is an object of great luxury. 

Indeed, in the XNUMXth century, a mirror could sell for much more than a painting by Raphael, because the material is expensive and the perfect mastery of the technique is particularly complex.

Under Louis XIV, the frame is richly carved and covered with gilding. 
The mirrors serve the policy of Louis XIV, this "sun king" who wishes to make the kingdom of France shine throughout Europe.

Louis XV mirrors follow the rococo codes and, with a little delay, the codes of cabinetmaking techniques of André-Charles Boulle. 

Several precious woods are assembled with brass, mother-of-pearl or tortoise shell pieces. The rustic ornamentations of the rockery, such as concretions, fretwork and natural elements are multiplying.






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