MAP - Marché aux Puces from Paris Saint-Ouen

Jules Vallès Market

Living legend of the Flea market

In his mind, this market has remained very traditional, you will discover many specialties and often unusual objects, posters, old weapons, bronzes, books or records. This, bypassing military effects and many other things. Here, we go shopping without showing off, on roughly stripped stands, like the back of an attic. Recently, this market has undertaken a refresh, without touching its very personal character. A discovery that deserves the detour.

It is rightly said that this market has remained faithful to the original spirit of the Puces. It's true, the smell of second-hand goods animates the two covered alleys accessible only from the end of rue Jules Vallès, at number 7, to be precise.

Pro and amateur chips

Here, there is little chance of finding antique dealers, except as customers who are always fond of good addresses. With 120 stands, this market can be discovered from Friday morning, very early, for a professional clientele.

On weekends, the most respectful merchants of the good old pucière traditions and private customers will come to do their job to the end. They are, on their own, the artisans of the reconquest that this market is undertaking on the rest of the Flea markets, they no longer want to be outside the rue des Rosiers and do not intend to be forgotten.

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