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Report “Zoom: fleas, the treasure market” – TF1 Weekend, Journal of January 16, 2022

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One evening in the fall, it was the annual flea party. But on this Friday morning, the site's eleven markets are open for four days. At the Biron market, Yvette Tournigan leads us among the writing desks, secretary, installment, corner, mirror, gilding. In a style she loves. The antique dealer took his first steps at stand number seven, in front of his parents' shop. His father was one of the founders of the market in 1925. The fleas were first the place of the ragpickers. The one where, in 1870, he sold the fruits of their nocturnal quest, randomly throwing objects in the garbage by Parisians. Fifteen years later, the city of Saint-Ouen decided to clean up the district, ask the merchants to pay a fee for reselling. In 1918, Romain Jules Vernaison obtained the concession of the land which still bears his name to build the first barracks there. Almost nothing has changed. In his “Alley number ten” stand, Michel has picked up dozens of coffee grinders across France, the oldest of which dates back to the reign of Louis XIV. TF1 | Report S. Renouil, B. Lachat

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