MAP - Marché aux Puces from Paris Saint-Ouen

An address in the heart of the Puces de St Ouen since 1993, a space dedicated to the big names in ceramics, to the great manufactures of the XIXth and XNUMXth century (Carriès, Deck, Dalpayrat, Buthaud… Lurçat, Picasso, Capron… Sèvres, Limoges, Meissen…)

Since 2002, the French artistic scene has also been represented by contemporary ceramists and glassmakers who are honored during individual or group exhibitions (Marc Uzan, Gisèle Buthod-Boy, Jean-François Fouilhoux, Vincend Breed, Emmanuel Peccatte, CLEM, Marc Lepilleur, Pauline Bétin, Dorothée Loriquet, etc ...)

A must-see destination for a national and international clientele with a taste for beautiful things! Pleased to welcome you.

Paola Lumbroso

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