MAP - Marché aux Puces from Paris Saint-Ouen


Marché aux Puces

Le Marché aux Puces of Paris Saint-Ouen, since 1870

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The history of the Flea market

The first market was established on the fortifications of Saint-Ouen in 1870

The origin of Marché aux Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen dates back to the 1870s, nearly 150 years ago, when, driven out of Paris, waste pickers came to settle on the other side of the “fortifs”. Nevertheless, the official date of birth of the Puces is 1885. A parking permit is now required from the Puciers by the city of Saint-Ouen in order to be able to exercise their activity. Coming from biffins and second-hand dealers, some will become second-hand dealers or other antique dealers ...

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